the old normal

Companies are still having a hard time filling in vacancies. That’s what the title of the article that De Tijd published last week, could have sounded like.

The “new normal” is a principle that gained popularity quickly throughout this pandemic. Sometimes referred to as something negative. As in, a blast from the past. One that isn’t likely to return. Sometimes the principle is referred to as something positive. As in, something that will manifest itself, after the pandemic.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the new normal is exactly like the old normal.

Before the pandemic hit, companies were already struggling with filling in their vacancies. Radahr’s partner VDAB received 69% and 124% more vacancies throughout March and April, as opposed to last year. Suffice it to say, it hasn’t gotten easier.

Alongside “the new normal”, another principle rose to fame as well; “never waste a good crisis”. The challenges that companies are experiencing with getting their vacancies filled in have essentially stayed the same. Prior, during and after Corona. The only difference is that currently, the urgency has become undeniable.

Companies today have to expand their talent ecosystems. Perhaps more so than ever before. The channels they make use of, have to be enlarged. Both in number and in bandwidth. Not only does Radahr help to automate this process, Radahr makes it more personal as well. This way, companies can leave those limitations behind them in the old normal and evolve towards a talent-centric employer in the new normal.

Two point hero.

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