the future of innovation is integration.

Who hasn’t heard the saying: Rome wasn’t built in a day. The famous city is, like many others, still under construction. Arguably, Rome still isn’t finished.

Even though Rome wasn’t built in one day, it wasn’t built by one (wo)man either. If there is one human quality that drives innovation, it must be the ability we have to collaborate.

Collaboration is one of the building blocks of the platform. Right from the start, Radahr 2.0 customers will be able to integrate some of their preferred channels.

the future of innovation is integration.

The ability with which data can flow within our ecosystem is of the utmost importance to us. After all, Radahr’s goal is (among others) to increase visibility and insight. Insight into processes that are typically complex, hence don’t allow for companies to increase (business) intelligence and efficiency. For Radahr, the future of innovation is integration. We’ll release new channels continuously, rendering Radahr’s HR tech ecosystem the cream of the crop.

The integrations are defined by a number of categories. Ranging from job boards, to owned job sites, as well as public – and government services.

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Two point hero.

Radahr 2.0 is coming. A major overhaul. With tons of new extremely powerful features. We’re onboarding customers exclusively, on a ten-by-ten basis. Be the HR trailblazer that all of us need today. Make a difference. Be first in line to experience recruiting two point hero.