full steam ahead in ecosystem mode

cloud of steam

Full steam ahead in ecosystem mode. En route to Radahr 2.0, some obstacles were dubbed as the biggest challenge ever.

It’s in those very moments that partnerships provide the fuel to push us forward. Turbo level one, engaged.

People and companies are struggling. Obviously. Nearly fourteen months into this pandemic and so many things are still unclear. Every industry suffers in its own way. The HR industry, as well as HR departments within companies, have been taking heavy punches. Yet and still, there is a collective willingness to fight. That attitude certainly sparks our enthusiasm. Turbo level two engaged.

Now, one can’t live off enthusiasm alone, although it does help tremendously. Especially when existing partnerships are solidified and extended.

We’ve set the tone with Radahr 1.0. Every time we go out (virtually) and show parts of Radahr 2.0, through a demo, new partnerships get closed on the spot. This summer, prepare for lift-off.

Interested in those partnerships? Keep an eye on our stories. We’ll discuss some of the cherished partnerships individually in more detail throughout the following weeks.

Two point hero.

Radahr 2.0 is coming. A major overhaul with tons of new extremely powerful features. We’re onboarding customers exclusively, on a ten-by-ten basis. Be the HR trailblazer that all of us need today. Make a difference and be first in line to experience recruiting two point hero.