research and find

a microscope

The concepts of “research” and “development” are inseparable. Even though they’re two substantially different activities, they need one another.

Unique insights created through research can be extremely valuable and interesting. They flourish so much more when they are put to the test and applied in practice.

Radahr 2.0 is the result of three years of research. That’s three years of learning, tweaking, and measuring. We worked closely together with companies, professional recruiters and candidates, to get their take on things, and optimize our platform from there.

Our vision for the future of human resources is (obviously) heavily embedded within our platform. However, after three years, it’s no longer just our vision. The vision of our customers and partners has proliferated and has become an integral part of Radahr.

After three years of intensive and practice-oriented research, Radahr 2.0 is shaped by the market. We like to think the market knows best.

Two point hero.

Radahr 2.0 is coming. A major overhaul with tons of new extremely powerful features. We’re onboarding customers exclusively, on a ten-by-ten basis. Be the HR trailblazer that all of us need today. Make a difference and be first in line to experience recruiting two point hero.